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the perennial sadness of the girl who is both death and the maiden.


teacher: why don’t you share a bit about yourself to the rest of the class
me: *puts one hand on hip* umm i’m a model


Alexander McQueen S/S 2007

”This look from the Spring/Summer 2007 collection is McQueen’s take on a Victorian bride. Though she is clad in white with clear bridal suggestions, the antique quality of her veil, the ashen color of which seems to coat the lace like a film of dust accumulated over years of neglect, suggests a general sentiment of something sinister lurking beneath the bridal veil.” taken from Alexander McQueen: Genius Of A Generation


God sees when you only like my selfies and don’t reblog them


Claudia Schiffer at Versace Haute Couture A/W 1994


the ultimate goal… calling steve buscemi daddy, dribbling yogurt on her naked breast in an attempt to seduce him… an icon forever beloved. 

She’s got the whole dark forest living inside of her.

Tom Waits, on his wife Kathleen  (via poupeesolitaire)

sometimes i want to catch up on boardwalk empire, but almost all characters i loved are dead and most importantly, lucy is gone :-(

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