i’m sorry that you were not truly loved and that it made you cruel


*talks to my friend on the phone with my feet in the air as I write in my diary*

Romy Schneider in Sissi: The Young Empress, 1956

  • ♈ Aries: Exuberant/Impulsive Energy
  • ♉ Taurus: Resilient/Enduring Energy
  • ♊ Gemini: Nervous/Cerebral Energy
  • ♌ Leo: Warming/Creative Energy
  • ♋ Cancer: Psychic/Tenacious Energy
  • ♍ Virgo: Nervous/Mental Energy
  • ♒ Aquarius: Cool Vibrational/Cerebral Energy
  • ♎ Libra: Mental/Approachable Energy
  • ♏ Scorpio: High Vibrational/Psychic Energy
  • ♐ Sagittarius: Warming/Sanguine Energy
  • ♑ Capricorn: Tenacious/Cerebral Energy
  • ♓ Pisces: Psychic/Emotional Energy

Mannequins in Félix Labisse’s studio, (Neuilly-sur-Seine, Paris) 1950


they had a BABY like there’s no way they can’t revisit that. and it was like a decade ago? just under that? the kid is definitely going to come back into the mix that was too huge to just leave in the early days and forget about

somewhere out there is a child w the bluest fucking eyes humanly possible….. the rest of the viewers may have forgotten but i sure wont…. 

Oscar de la Renta Spring 2007 Details 

the fact that the majority of mad men fans don’t think there will be any significant developments with the pete x peggy storyline makes me believe matt will do it even more tbh