my to read list is house of leaves, the secret history, all of gillian flynn’s novels and house of psychotic women, what else would u reccomend for me? what is the most disturbing book u have ever read?

Lana Del Rey for VICE, rumoured to be on set of the Ultraviolence music video

“I want to live so bad, but I’m so terribly sad.”

Gia Carangi (via istropic)

Tiara & Necklace Combination



i’m in ottawa and the internet here fucking sucks so my posting will be sporadic. 


untouched by the veronicas > the 60s


Bad Habits

Ruben Martinho

Well Wishers

  • me when i'm angry: *x files theme songs plays as i enter the room*
  • me when i'm happy: *twin peaks theme song plays as i enter the room*
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